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Remark " completely blocked " < Abe > contaminated water , and discrepancy ( site ) TEPCO

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Contaminated water flowing out the truth in the ocean actually
Area Abe has reference to " 0.3 square kilometers "

In the Olympic bid presentation Prime Minister Shinzo Abe , was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina on the 7th International Olympic Committee (IOC) General Assembly , visiting the contaminated water problem of Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant , " it is completely blocked ," " control For that you have to speak with " the underlying voice to question that it " does not properly convey the " reality is out .

[ Contaminated water , the Prime Minister explained: in the final presentation ]

At a press conference of Tokyo Electric Power held on the 9th , asking for further data to support the prime minister remarks from the press there were numerous . On in accordance with the "I want to stabilize ( the situation ) as soon as possible " , for example, to clarify that it has to query the real intention in the government , the person in charge showed a difference in perception .

Harbor surrounded by breakwater to ( 0.3 square kilometers ) , impermeable wall sea side to prevent contaminated water from being exposed to the sea was built , the water curtain of " silt fence " in preventing the spread at bay but it is installed . Was also carried out improvement work to solidify the soil like a wall of drug -like syrup in the " water glass " in the seawall .

However , contaminated water is spilled harbor beyond the top of the wall . Seawater from the fence in 1100 becquerel per liter , tritium is the 4700 Becquerel discovered radioactive substances such as strontium to issue a beta ray . TEPCO described in " radioactive material concentration of fence outside is suppressed by 1 up to 5 minutes than on the inside ," but , harbor and fence in seawater of the open sea is replaced by 50% per day . Tritium through the fence to have properties similar to water. Radioactive material of seawater of 3 km offshore and harbor mouth is below the detection limit , but it is seen as " merely dilute seawater in a large amount of " experts .

In addition , contaminated water continues to grow by flowing into the reactor building underground water of 400 tons per day broken . High concentration of contaminated water about 300 tons of leakage from the ground tank , in part , there is a possibility that spilled outside the port via a drainage ditch that leads directly to the sea . Trouble due to insufficient measures one after another , risks remain in the future . " Difficult to control or rather what , but not a block " to " completely technically that's for sure " and ( Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry executive ) .